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This may be one of the most exciting parts of developing on any platform. Actually going Production live with the apps, processes, etc that you have worked on so hard for months or even years in some cases.

I recently had a big go-live and I was responsible for the…

Why learn to read or write code as a Salesforce Admin?

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This blog is only meant to help you navigate but is not a how-to guide. There are plenty of resources and I will link you to those.

Let me start by telling you why you should consider dabbling into code if you haven't already.

Key reasons in short:

  1. You get…

Okay, this release is huge and has so many awesome features, so jumping right in!!

Sub Flows in Record Triggered Flow

Sub flows are a great way to better organize your flows and now you can use them in record triggered flows. Pass the record Id as variable other variables from the main flow to sub-flow…

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Here are some steps that you will need to perform a medium to high-level Enterprise data migration from a legacy system. This is a simplified version and will try to keep it technology agnostic as it depends on the client, skills, funding and many other factors.

Data and Infrastructure Assessment

This should be the…

If you want to make a switch into a Salesforce Consultant role from an internal client role, I have put together some points to consider as you explore. This is definitely not an exhaustive list so drop your questions.

Exposure to New Processes and Clients/Industry

Every project you take on as a Consultant will be a…

Plan Plan and Plan

If you don't take anything else from here, trust me on this one, especially if you are a flow beginner. This part is so important and overlooked most of the time. I get it, we want to start building right away because it's fun and sometimes it might feel like…

Who is this article for?

This is for you if you are starting on large data migration to Salesforce or are curious about these errors. You will also find this helpful if you are a Data Architect but do not necessarily work on the Salesforce platform.

Here are the most…

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